EV battery pack

ERREKA develops and produces various functional components for electric vehicle batteries.

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More information

ERREKA’s expertise is based on a wide range of components developed for electric vehicle battery applications

We are experts in technically highly complex functional plastic components for e-mobility.

We have wide experience in the development of a variety of components for batteries in which we offer a comprehensive service from the design phase (accompanying our clients in their needs for guidance in the creation of the necessary components and polymeric materials), calculations and simulations, prototype manufacture, development of series moulds, fine-tuning, validation and industrialisation.

Participation in various innovation programmes relating to battery pack design and development with partners such as Mercedes-Benz, Fagor Ederlan, Fiberdraft Engineering, Mondragon Assembly, Cikautxo and Batz, among others.

  • High precision

    High precision and dimensional stability of our products.

  • Wide range of raw materials

    PA, PBT, PC+ABS, PP, etc

  • Metal reinforcements

    Possibility of inserting metal reinforcements.

  • Electrical functions

    Components with electrical functions and/or conductivity.

  • Sealed components

  • Anti-freeze resistant

  • Flame retardant

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