Fluid management system


A wide range of fixing and connection systems solutions between the vehicle and the fitting/quick connector.

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Multiple possibilities for fixing a connector

Depending on client demand and the extraction force or torque needed, flanges can be made by assembly (press-in process), overmoulding or by ultrasonic assembly.

Other assemblies can provided, such as seals assemblies, caps assemblies, etc.

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  • Process 100 % automated

    Automatic process designed in-house to ensure customer requirements with the highest efficiency rates.

  • 100 % control

    We provide confidence to our customers with 0PPM quality levels.

  • High variety of fixing components

    Insert with different diamenters, shapes, materials and production processes (machined and folded).

  • Overmoulding, press-in or ultrasonic assembly

    All production processes available. Our know-how will define the process needed to achive customer requirements.

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