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3D printing – additive

Solutions based on the additive manufacturing of polymers as a manufacturing technology.

ERREKA offers the use of additive manufacturing as the base for solving various types of needs.

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Integral service based on additive manufacturing: analysis of the need, proposed solution, calculations and simulations, design, manufacturing and validation

ERREKA has a team of additive manufacturing experts and access to various 3D polymer printing technologies (FCA, SLS, MJF, etc) so it has the capacity to adopt the best additive manufacturing solution for each need and application.

We offer services for both one-off projects as well as mass production of parts by additive manufacturing. Short runs or prototypes: polymer additive manufacturing is the best complement to traditional plastic injection moulding for those cases in which the number of parts does not justify investment in a mould. As well as economic savings, it offers other advantages such as reduced lead times for first samples, no physical stock (digital inventory) and the flexibility of manufacturing anywhere in the world.

Additive manufacturing projects: we are able to tackle projects for the application of additive manufacturing technologies as a solution to various problems. The additive manufacturing of polymers is an alternative to traditional machining processes. Since it is possible to print polymers reinforced with glass fibre, carbon fibre or Kevlar, we can provide our components with great rigidity, hardness and durability. This makes them suitable for developing industrial manufacturing systems such as assembly tools, handling elements for robots, grippers, supports, etc. The advantages of using additive manufacturing for these applications are varied, notably cost savings, design versatility, time reduction, ergonomics (significant weight reduction of components), and the absence of a physical stock of spare parts (digital warehouse).

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