Mold design and manufacturing

Starting from a 3D part, we develop and construct tools with the highest quality and requirements.

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High precision tooling

Our more than 50 years’ experience designing tools leads us to create tools in cooperation with our clients, applying automotive industry standards.

We have a diverse R&D team capable of understanding the projects’ needs and requirements and make them real. This team specialises in thermoplastic injection, tool structures, machining and design.

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  • Autonomous tool shops

    Each production plant has the technology to transform tools: CNC, Welding machines, erosion, cleaning, CAM, etc.

  • Guarantee

    Materials and processes used bring us to offer customers tailored molds.

  • 100 % in-house maintenance

    Our facilities are ready to check tool status and mantain them in the best conditions.

  • Design for manufacturing (DFM)

    In order to display to the customer the final tool design previously our R&D team develops a DFM file.

  • Tools for micro-structures

    Design and manufacturing capacity to achieve microstructural polymers for microfluidics.

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