Customer engineering & co-development

Conversion from metal to plastic

We collaborate with our clients by proposing designs and materials for the conversion of metal parts to plastic.

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Objective: lighter weight and/or cost reduction

ERREKA Plastics provides all its know-how in the development of thermoplastic conversion projects so that your idea of a change of material is turned into a part that is capable of meeting the requirements.

In this field, our knowledge of technical materials that withstand high temperatures, are impact resistant, fireproof, etc, opens the door to being able to offer various possibilities of geometry and materials, so that it is a project that achieves the primary objectives of any company; cost reduction and increased competitiveness as well as reduced weight in the machine as a whole.

Apart from the engineering solution, we can implement the project either as a prototype to test the design and carry out the necessary tests to guarantee the functionality of the part or we can pass it directly to series production.

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  • Prototyping

  • Solution design with co-engineering

  • Cost and weight reduction

  • Increased competitiveness

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